Todd Carter – 2015 Event Edit

Happy New Year everyone, let’s get started with the first post of 2016! And that goes to none other than Todd Carter, Todd made the move up to the pro class last year and held it down against the big guns. Doing his sponsors, Reklamation Bikes, and ID Clothing proud! Hit play for the highlights from the contests Todd competed in 2015!

12 thoughts on “Todd Carter – 2015 Event Edit

  1. Congrats on a PROGRESSIVE year riding AND competing wise Todd !!! So rad to have seen you CASUALLY rip your run at Vodoo Jam 2015 and talk/laugh/chill with you and everyone else LATE nights in the hotel lobby !!!!! Your NO FOOTED death trucks OWN !!!!! Also RAD you took off the brakes and STILL kicked ass in the PRO class at all the comps !!!!

  2. I’m super-proud of Todd. He’s been my road-buddy since 2011, traveling to all these events and talking through the break-down of how things went. It’s been a remarkable thing for me to have a friend to sort through all the studf that goes into riding contests: trick techniques, training tips, floor adaptations, music selection, judging, and mental game. Also, many many many Huff-love bits and pranks and keep the laughter and fun intact.

    Todd put in a ton of work and a ton of passion in the lead-up to his rookie pro year and he smashed it.

    Now that he’s in Ohio, he’s a key-carrying member of The TerraDome Sports Science Research Centre and I couldn’t be happier. Big ups, my man.

  3. Todd, nice edit man! Always so smooth, consistent, and in control! Look forward to seeing you and the boys again at some of 2016’s events!

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