13 thoughts on “Tony the Tiger riding Flatland!

  1. It was Brandon Fenton for sure. Alex Porier, Lachlan Cameron and Tak from Vancouver were in this commercial. What have people been talking about on the forums about this video?
    Here is a video cliip of brandon in the Green suit for the commercial.

    • Saw a bunch of negative comments on The Come Up Lachlan, cereal ads are obviously aimed at kids, if kids go “whoah what is that?” when they see flatland, and as a result start checking out bmx and flatland, and maybe get a bike, this is awesome you know. Its first bass type of stuff. Might be your first point of getting into riding.

  2. This is awesome in so many ways. Riders got paid to ride first of all and exposure to kids that can do nothing but help BMX in all ways possible.

  3. Yeah I’m the tiger. Riding one of Chase’s frames for that commercial. I loved Frosted Flakes as a kid so I didn’t have much of a problem doing this commercial for them. I mean, yeah the stuff is basically sugar and…, well…, who know what else it is made up of but kids tend to be pretty active (at least I was) so I had no problem burning off the energy. Also, the sugar levels are printed on the box so if it is too high for some discerning parents then at least they can see the facts about the nutritional (or lack-there-of) content on the label. The comments on ‘on the come up’ appear to be just hating on flatland in general and they also appear to have something against homosexuals too.

    I did ask myself whether or not I took my participation in this add to be ‘selling out’ and after thinking about it for a while I thought that because I really did eat tons of the stuff as a kid I wasn’t really misrepresenting myself at least. I think the balance of pros vs. cons for doing this add was heavily in favor of doing it. It got flatland exposure to a wider audience; it got money to actual flatlanders to help them continue to survive and progress (I lived off of the money for next to a year); it portrayed flatland in a reasonable light (i.e. it didn’t make a mockery of it); etc…

    Yeah it used flatland to promote a corporate interest but the promotion worked in both directions (for the cereal and for flat). And it wasn’t over-the-top manipulative of children’s young minds. It basically showed a bunch of guys being really physically active which kind of offsets the poor nutritional content of a very sugary cereal. Unless someone gave me a good reason not to do it I would probably do it again if given the opportunity. What do you guys think? Would you all do it if you had the opportunity?

    • Well as almost everyone has said Brandon, this is a good thing! As I said, this what I call “first base contact” with regard to reaching new potential riders, if this advert helps you to live and continue to ride, oh else wouldn’t do this!. Its not really a debate to be honest, its a greaaaatttt thing (sorry couldnt resist the tony the tiger quote in there), end of.

  4. I think this is great! This is exactly the sort of thing that got me into riding in the first place. I just BMX in a commercial a long time ago and was blown away, started looking it up and found bmxtrix.com, etc…

    I would definatly do it when given the opportunity. Sure, some people want flatland to remain in the dark dungeons of underground subculture for eternity, but when given the chance to represent flatland in a good way and get paid well to do it, what’s not to like? If Brandon didn’t go for it, some other bloke would and maybe he would make a mockery out of it for all we know.

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