Toon Pakphum – Shadow Practice 4

Can anyone keep up with Toon Pakphum in 2019? Wow, this guy is making a big statement and his riding intent for this year. Under the tuition of the boss, Martti Kuoppa this year marks three years of work with MK for Toon, and the man continues to get better and better. Love the structured headings after each line in this one, hit play and admire the work that goes into this level of riding.

6 thoughts on “Toon Pakphum – Shadow Practice 4

  1. Gnarly! So much tech in this edit! Loved that 540 bar flip to end the power combo and that last banger! Well done Toon!

  2. Powerful training!! Toon has progressed so much under the coaching of the Boss…it needs a lot of stamina to keep the bike moving after all these really hard switches on those combos…he learned all kind of tricks like that cross footed rolling position moves and that helps pretty much the freestyle aspect.Well done Toon!Waiting for shadow practise 5…!

  3. Much practice equals effortless riding, which makes for great viewing. Without knowing Toon personally, at a guess, I would say he’s on a mission maybe. The way he soo easily jumps into the pumping crack packers, is awesome to see.

  4. Agreed with Giannis ! Being coached by Martti you can REALLY tell………such as , remember Martti just dropping original hammer tricks like his side yard kick flips ,circa late 1996…….. then shortly after , as if that move wasn’t hard enough ……….start doing em screaming / buzzing the tire as opposed to scuffing . Look at Phakphums backwards boomerang to half packer…….hasn’t been really busting it that long ……already nailing it with the pendelum frame swing ! He just keep one upping / leveling up his stuff , and THAT power combo !!! So many ridiculously difficult switches in that loooong link ! As the line proceeded I was bugging ouuuuut , even SLAAAAAAMMMED the stem rangs drop to half packer at the END , with the 540 bar to exit the whole thing ! His double foot front yard roll , 180 body varial , bar flip / pivot turbine to switch hand steam , among other switches thrown effortlessly into that mix , also !!

  5. Not to mention IMMEDIATLY steeping all the way over to crack packer , via the stem rangs to START the edit ! His lines are so tech and intense , bruv . I been watching this edit loads for two weeks now . As Big E said……….hes gonna be hard to keep up with in 2019 ! Wild thing is………….hes DIALED as f-k . Showed and proves just that in part 3 of these edits , full on CONTEST ready . I remember watching his prelim run @ flatland Voodoo Jam 2015 ……he was stone faced , NOT nervous , just unfazed by the pressure at such a huge event ………Toon is reeeeeeaaady for 2019 . Cant wait for part 5 of this series ! Damn………..his switch , inside rolling Dave duster with his bars in the small position , directly swung over to spinning / pumping cliff hanger is so rad too !

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