Top 5’s with James McGraw!

We are back with the Top 5’s feature, intended to be a light hearted read in contrast to the more serious interviews on the site! And James McGraw doesn’t disappoint, always down for a bit of fun and banter! Read on!

Tricks to do daily:
Gliding stick bitch or junk yards, what ever you wish to call them to switch pivots.
Stubble ducks
Nose wheelies
Back packer combos
I always have a new idea I try everyday some good some seriously suck.

Places to ride:
I almost always ride in my tint shop’s Garage. Its a controlled environment I have kids so when I get to ride I want to make the most of it with no distractions thats why I almost always stay indoors.
I have a great outdoor spot and my basement as well.

People to ride with:
No one likes me cause I snake too much 🙂 lol.
I usually ride alone but Brian Gavigan AKA yellow comes down to ride with me when he can, as well as the Colorado flatjams crew.

Websites to check:
Everyday I go to Flatmattersonline and Global-flat to see whats up.

Snaking techniques:
Look for British guys that wear gloves and be sure to get in their way, also watch for someone to get ready go and make sure to cut them off while always looking forward. (editors note: Don’t I just know it hahaha -ref- Guru jam Practise)

This year AM Flat Circuit, Trans Jam, Bike days in Switzerland, Fise in France,
The Worlds, and some of flatland world circuit.
Also if there was a good contest in England, I would maybe go to that as well LOL 🙂

London Bikes, Profile, Odyssey, and Ares tires

Gone in sixty seconds, Hangover movies, Iron man movies.
Most movies that are based on true story’s I always find entertaining.

Video parts to watch:
I have a few videos out there on vimeo my “year in the life” has alot of good stuff as for everyone else.
I don’t have a collection I watch whats posted daily, but I have been known to watch Uchie, Hiro, J Dub and Jason Ploudre’s video more than once.

Favourite riders:
Uchie, Vicki, Hiro, J Dub, Jason P, Kevin Nikulski, Thomas Noyer and I seriously like to watch Matuis B

Bike companies:
London Bikes has been really good to me I have to thank them.

Swear words you use when you ride:
Seriously what the Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you Fucking Kiding me!!!!!!!!!!
Dang Nabit!!!!!!!

London Bikes
Yellow designs

Non Bike Brands:

Whiskey (only the best)

Well I’m not a vegan or a health freak so
Korean food
Lots of Red Meat
Golden berries

Things your hating on:
I hate the wind I would rather ride in the rain and I am way to old to ride in the cold.
People who talk shit Its flatland we all have something to offer and we all put alot of work in to it.
Ride because you love it and It will take you much farther!!!!

Things to do besides riding:
My wife
Hang out with my kids
Build my classic cars
ride my motorcycle
Run my window tint business
Do man shit like weld shit for no reason at all 🙂

Not so much I never really sit down.

What ever is in the seat pocket of the air plane I’m on
Better house keeping
Better homes and gardens
Playboy and Hustler, but only for the articles

Tricks you wish you could do:
More turbines with pumping
anything that I find to be a challenge yet is still fun!!

Holiday destinations:
Disney world
I have always wanted to go to the pyramids.

Who’s next?

7 thoughts on “Top 5’s with James McGraw!

  1. James “Bucky” or “Quick Buck” McGraw has been a legend and an inspiration for many years. I remember him kickin ass (and snaking like a champ) at Great Lakes Freestyle contests back in the late 80’s. I think John or Josh posted video evidence on youtube a while back. I gotta say seeing him ride at our age has pushed me to start picking up my bike again on a daily basis.

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