Top 5’s with Phil Dolan

This morning I am making the 2 hour trip to the Green mile for Phil Dolan’s 40th birthday jam weekend, now seems like the perfect time to drop his top 5’s? enjoy!

Whiplash variations to do:
Downside switch on frame.

Places to ride:
Fave places to ride were Japanese museum on side of mountain. Long Beach parking by beach, and the Mile when it was fresh as daisy before Jason Forde made it rough 🙂

People to ride with:
Best sessions I ever had were with Marrti. Occasionally the elusive James White.

Websites to check:
Flatmatters, Flatmatters, Flatmatters and Flatmatters occasionally Fatbmx!

Water, water,water and cold beer.

Dream Trick to do:
Forward death both feet on pedals then nice long g turn…Denes i know you could do it.

Flatland memories:
My memories not that great!

normal non processed non microwaved nutritious.

Things your hating on:
Things I hate are devolution, not learning from mistakes and my body not working.

Things to do besides riding:
Looking after wife n kids.

dont read much anymore.


Last film that made an impression was Donnie Darko.

4 thoughts on “Top 5’s with Phil Dolan

  1. Top stuff that dream trick sounds awesome i can see it being done as in flatland anything seems possible 🙂 , my first memory of seeing Phil was at Chingford by the ramp riding in the old drained out paddling pool when he had a Hutch i belive himself and Lincoln were there (Blue Haro Master) and they stood out this would be 1987 , also South Bank good times , goin up TGM in a while also E see ya there dude.

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