Top 5’s with Thomas Noyer

It’s been a while since I did any Top 5’s or Last times so its about that time, so heres the first of many top 5’s, Thomas Noyer rips, and gets very lil’ coverage, so I wanted to kick back off again with someone who I thought deserved some recognition. Thomas this is for you! Keep shredding! Some of us do notice!

Bike parts:
Frame, bar, fork, wheels, pegs.

Favourite riders:
Martti Kuoppa, Uchino Yoshihi, Viki Gomez, Moto Sasaki, Simon O’Brien.

Bike companies:
Twenty Bikes, Khe Bikes, Odyssey, Junglerider, Deep bmx.

Swear words you use when you ride:
French swear words: “putain”, “bordel de merde”, “va te faire enculer”, “Fuck”, “Nique sa mère”.

Snatch underwear, Nokia, Carhartt, Oakley, Philips.

Websites to visit:
Flatmatters, Global flat, Agoride, Facebook, Deezer.

Mp3, Amplifier for outdoor, Archos multimedia player, Phone, Glasses.

Tricks to do:
double boomerang to hang5 pedal, pedaling time machine, halfpacker pivot cross footed hitchicker, hang5 bar whip crackpacker/halfpacker, turbine cross footed upside down megaspin.

Places to visit:
Greek isles, Japan, South africa, Sweden, Australia.

Tricks you wish you could do:
“I have a dream…” (haha): spinning death truck jump to time machine, spinning forward karl kruzer kickflip halfpacker, backward nose wheelie (forward crackpacker on pedal hands on bar), crackpaker foots on bar hands holding fronts pegs, spinning backward crackpacker no hand.

All ninja tunes’s label (bonobo, hextactic, silent poets, herbaliser….), atmosphere, beasties boys, quantic, Dj’s (Cam, Shadow, Krush…)

Video parts you watch:
Moto Sasaki ground tactics final round 2010, Matthias Dandois vans part, Mingle PV hotoke buddha, Viki Gomez in Land escape A, Stephen Cerra “Flowmountain”.

Xplicit energy drink, Ice tea, Fruits juices.. Post session drinks: “mauresque”, Heineken.

Chicken, duck, sweet dishes -salted, croissants and similar products, twinuts for apero.

Things your hating on:
slippery spot, wind, breaking bike parts or having a puncture during the session, battery empty on my phone, internet connection problems.

Things to do besides riding:
Shower, chilling, checking mail, listening music, cooking.

All Bernard Werber’s book: in french: “l’ultime secret”, la trilogie des fourmis, “le rire du cyclope”… “L’éloge de la faiblesse” (Alexandre Jollien), “L’équation du nénuphar” (Albert Jacquard”).

Art, Soul bmx, Ride Uk, Chasseur d’images, “Albi mag” (mag about my town in south of France!).

Lock, stock and two smoking barrels (Arnaques, crimes et botanique), Memento, Inception, Abyss, Les Affranchis.

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