Top five Videos of the week

I’ve wanted to do this top five video recap for a while, but kinda made no sense being that I was doing flatfriday for global flat, most of you will know that I have quit doing flatfriday to concerntrate on this blog, and free up a bit of time, which has been great, here’s my new friday column, “top five videos of the week”….

Martti came back from holiday and smacked this out with jetlag, argueably the best trick of the year already dropped in january, until the next edit…..

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Matt Wilhelm came back with a bang this week, awesome video!!! Last times with Matt coming soon, that spinning death truck combo is banging!!!

Tom at sevisual showcases the lifestyle as well as the tricks, these carhartt edits are a welcome edition to the sport.

Carhartt Flatland Tour 2009 – part 2 from sevisual on Vimeo.

It’s always nice to get surprise edits, and this was one of those, Bobby carter sent this in, and im stoked on this, looks like the editor Ahmed Johnson took lot of time and energy on this, awesome!!

LA Flatland Metropolitan from Ahmed Johnson on Vimeo.

Steve Mulder dropped this promo for the Fight with flight contest next weekend, and confirmed what many have known for years, Mulder is the man!!! Dont sleep on this…

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