Top fives with Matt Wilhelm

This year at Jomopro, Matt impressed the hell out of me, right before his battle with Terry, he asked me what he should do trickwise, I pretty much told him to come out guns blazing, which is what he did! This last year, Matt’s riding has gone up a few notches, it got me psyched to see someone pushing hard for the win! It didnt work out for him that day, but it will, and real soon! A Big win is around the corner! Nuff respect due!!

Riders of all time:

1.Mat Hoffman
2.Martti Kuoppa
3.Kevin Jones
4.Chase Gouin.
5.Chad Degroot

Riders to ride with:

1. Ron Monis
2. Todd Gully
3. Ed Egawa
4. Dave Petrin
5.Terry Adams

Spots to ride:

1. My Warehouse
2. Downtown Chicago when you don’t get kicked out
3. Long Beach California
4. Anywhere in Florida
5. Yokosuka Japan


1. Ells Bells “Release the Grease”
2. Dorkin 5
3. Baco 6
4. Intrikat LandEscape A
5. Made You Look

Web edits:

1. Matthias Dandois & Adam Kun “Hyperspeed Johnny”
2. Moto Sasaki “3-minute combo”
3. Any Martti Kuoppa Ground Tactics Video
4. Mingle Videos
5. Videos of cats

Places to visit:
1. Siesta Key Florida
2. Parents house for dinner
3. Mexico
4. Any place with cats
5. Chicago White Sox games


2.Sirius Satellite Radio
3. GPS
4. PSP
5. Laptop


1. Circle of Balance 2004

2. Fight with Flight 2010

3. Worlds in Cologne

4. Voodoo Jam

5. 1994 BS Finals in Chicago


1. Flatmatters is the best site on the web, and I’m not just saying that!

2. Global-Flat

3.ESPN Fantasy Football

4. Ride BMX

5.Twitter (Follow me: @mattwilhelmbmx)

Inspirations right now:

1. Good weather

2. Try to win a couple more big comps before I get too old

3. New Tricks

4. Want to make the most of the skills I have been given

5.See how good I can be

Reasons to leave your town/city:

1. Winter

2. Traffic

3. No palm trees

4. That’s it. Chicago is awesome.


1. DJ RyB Podcasts
2. Sirius Satellite Radio-
3. Sirius Satellite Radio “Backspin”
4. Sirius Satellite Radio “Coffeehouse”
5. Sports Talk Radio


1. Kanye West, Graduation
2. Joshua Redman,Freedom in the Groove
3. Metallica – Death Magnetic
4. Sara Bareilles, Little Voice
5. Steely Dan

Tricks to do daily:

1. Basics and warm up tricks
2. Individual hard switches I’m working on
3. Try to put the new switches into longer combos
4. A few contest tricks I already have consistent
5. Monkey around and brainstorm with new tricks

Tricks you cant do, but wish you could (ideal wishlist):

1. Upside down Megaspin Whopper
2. Cross foot Whiplashes
3. Quad Decades
4. Bar Ride to Backflip
5. 540 Body Varial Caboose


1. Ride BMX
2. BMX Plus
3. Sports Illustrated
4. Dan’s Comp Catalog
5. Money


1.Office Space
2. Shawshenk Redemption
3. The Hurricane
4. The Fountain
5. The Notebook

Bike Brands:

1. Hoffman Bikes
2. Profile
3. Ares
4. Suelo
5. Odyssey

Non bike brands:

1. Dodge
2. Apple
3. Chipotle
4. Sony Playstation
5. Any Gluten-free food brands

Things that piss you off:

1. Signing an autograph for a security guard and then getting kicked out by the same security guard
2. Lack of organization in BMX. How can there be no World Championships?
3. A kid sees me do my hardest trick and then asks if I can do a fire hydrant. He doesn’t realize that I am the guy from the how-to video on YouTube, which is the only reason he knows about that trick in the first place.
4. The new KOG Format. It’s basically a best trick contest now, and they only count 1 of your combos during the battle. Kind of weird huh?

7 thoughts on “Top fives with Matt Wilhelm

  1. I hear your pain in this top 5s matt, no world championships sucked, the sport is unprofessional in so many ways, theres not a whole lot of structure for guys like yourself, to have a "big" goal to strive for. If there is going to be a world championships again, surely the states is the best place for it!

  2. Matt is one of the guys that just by seeing his videos, made me get back to the flatland!!

    And by the way, can he do fire hydrants?? lol

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