Top fives with Steve Mulder!

Steve Mulder has for a long time been one of my favourite riders, I can remember like it was yesterday being in total awe of his riding during the 99 X trials/X games season, the man was way ahead of his time, less is more! Mach ten whoppers, fast 180 rollback rolaid, 360 bike flip to switch-b, and uber dialled!! What a great person to kick this top fives off with! Legend!!!

Riders of all time:
1) Dennis McCoy (biggest inspiration on my riding)
2) Kevin Jones
3) Chase
4) Martti Kuoppa
5) Ross Smith

Riders to ride with:
1) Roman Schivarelli
2) Perry Mervar
3) Bill Nitschke
4) Kip Williamson
5) Andy Cooper

1) Blackberry
2) Dell Laptop
3) Sprint Air Card
4) Ipod
5) My car’s bluetooth

1) Flatmatters
5) Handful of daily business sites I use.

Inspirations right now:
1) My family.
2) My age.
3) Watching street edits.
4) Doing a personal video edit
5) the JA!

Playlist on itunes: or what you listen regularly at the moment:
1) Krs One “Murda Ya”
2) Rakim “Holy are you”
3) Gang Starr ” So Whassup?”
4) Judas Priest “Hell Patrol”
5) Rakim “Euphoria”

Tricks to do daily:
1) Backward 360 manual (so fun)
2) Regular whopper.
3) At least one 360 bike flip variation.
4) Handful of rolaid variations.
5) touch as many of my tricks in the works as possible.

Magazines:I didn’t know there were 5 magazines? Ha ha
1) Cream
2) Ride Bmx

1) Gladiator
2) Stripes
3) Caddyshack
4) Super Bad
5) The hangover

Bike Brands:
1) S&M
2) Shadow
3) Bulldog Bikes
4) Sick Child
5) Sputnic

1) Peroni
2) Negra Modelo
3) Guiness
4) Fat Tire
5) Red stripe

1) 99 X-Games (ha ha)
2) Oceanside BS Comp
3) Roots Jam/Contest
4) Nashville X-trials
5) All the AFA Ohio King of Flatland!

Riding Memories;
1) Pulling my first 360 bike flip.
2) Seeing Woody Itson ride flat when I was a dweeb.
3) Seeing Matt Hoffman’s first contest back flip on Vert @ N-Orbit
4) Seeing Jim Crafton pull the first “Jump of Doom” way back (frame stand to grip ride)
5) Jay Miron’s perfect run @ the Nashville CFB contest.

Check out Steve’s riding here:

7 thoughts on “Top fives with Steve Mulder!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to kick these top 5's off Steve! Great list! Would love to see some of that AFA Ohio footage, Old school sundays!!! Much respect due! Big daddy kane style!

  2. @ Burd!

    Thanks for the reminder, was actually meaning to do that reference point, so have just added that and will do for the future top 5's and other articles. That fight with flight promo is crazy! Good to see its got so many viewings!

  3. That was a great Top 5. I had the opportunity to ride with Steve one time. It was very brief yet very memorable. I am post #6 so at least 4 more comments should be made to round it up to 10.

    Keep on Riding!

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