Top fives with TGM’s Jason Forde….

Riders: Sam Foakes, James White, Phil Dolan, Matthias, Martti.

Music: Dubstep, Drum n’bass, Hip hop, Grime, R’n’B.

Places: Japan, Spain, Hungary, South of France, Germany.

Web Edits: Anything from Sevisual, Skavenger pop off, TGM vids, Writing on the wall, Crazy colt remix

Influences: Phil Dolan, James White, Jesse P, Chase G, Martti.

Products: Apple Mac, Nike, St Martin, Sony, Carhartt.

Websites: Global-flat, Facebook, You tube, Vimeo, Myspace

People: My mother, Penstar, TGM crew, The wizard aka Michael, God.

DVDS: I’m gonna change this to films,etc. On the downlow, Loiter, Khe fitness (my first bmx video), Nowhere fast, Flatland manifestos, these films changed my life.

Bike products: Chase tyres, 8″ bars, Plastic Seats, G-sport, St Martin

Shoutouts: Penstar, T-bone, King Joh, Pastel, V-lad, Ras Dave, Maz, Diddy, PC, Big E, Chann, Canteloes crew from back in the day, the whole TGM crew worldwide son, and all the FLATFAMILA wherever you may be.

7 thoughts on “Top fives with TGM’s Jason Forde….

  1. I like articles like this. Always interesting to see other peoples interests and motivations. Bring on more top 5’s. p.s ( . )( . )

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