Toronto Metrojam Flatland 2004 – Props Issue 52

Amazing section from Issue 52 of the legendary Props Video Magazine, featuring Yammer, Jesse Puente, Pete Brandt, Brandon Fenton, Dane Beardsley, Terry Adams, Shintaro Misawa, Matt Wilhelm, Stephane Royer, Aaron Frost, Kotaro Tanaka, Ed Nussbaum, Jeff Desroche, and Seji Sakata. Enjoy this awesome flashback!

6 thoughts on “Toronto Metrojam Flatland 2004 – Props Issue 52

  1. That was a good contest.

    I have never seen Pete Brandt mess up or step out of a blender or time machine. I watched him for like two straight years at all the contests and he never messed it up once. Amazing.

  2. Big contest ! So much amazing riders !
    But please Jeff D, come back Man ! He was so ahead of time…So much flow and freestyle in his riding !

    • @maxime / yes the rider list is crazy! So much good riding, Jeff looks like he really is freestylin’ so influential. These Props edits from back in that era are so good!

  3. This is the era when i was bike-less , I was in a band, in college and then grad school. As a result missing it, it is so intriguing to me. Great video!

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