One thought on “Toulouse Jam

  1. Loved how this was filmed ! Like from a riders point of view @ the jam , as theyre waiting for their turn in a jam circle or just peeping everyones lines while having a beverage / chillin out . The riding in here……..D O P E , stuff indeed ! No footed / floating turbine tea kettle by Maxime , I think ? Matthuies STYLED OUT steam- track stand / pause …….pick up to turbine steam ……digging THAT ! The one rider from M.O.C. 2018 , with his crazy double foot stance back yard roll ! Jumelins 1 and a half boomerang , drop to cross , pumping fire haul roll ….filmed by a drone ! Nathans cab 360 to manual , SUPERB technique ! Those two riders …..x-leg , jump switch to hiker……and looooong controlled nose manual ……AND of course….ANYTHING Jacob throwns down on his bike…..Im into ! Some of the best whiplash , nose manual variations, like his double standing down tube stance one , that he carves , like he doing a regular hang five , haha. Kevins riding RULES ! Im always looking forward to footage from him to drop online . Overall ,this is a sweet edit ! To the point , chill vibe , with a rad song and even more rad riding !!!

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