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  1. PaulOsicka was doing thosebackwards nose wheelie/G-Turns in 1999 guys ,not brakeless but still well rad.Guess nobody else knows this

  2. if the judges re-watched this video which is all about the pulled combos from the final, from everybody and if they still say the results is correct i wanna Congrats to them 🙂


    Adam Kun

    • In reply To Adam, when I watched it live, I had you down as definite top 2 on the hard trick category, for the whopper mega-spin time machine combo, thats serious in a contest! As I said before many times, judging is so hard, I think its almost harder than doing the tricks themselves nowadays, what I am not clear about is, was the hard trick taking for one combo, or for the whole run?

  3. Howard bloody hell you’ve mentioned this in three separate threads, of coyrse we know Osicka did the backwards facing g turns, this is nose wheelie, and brakeless, this is a different trick, props to both of them!

  4. Yes, Adam is right but, for dominik and dez who haven’t made the biggest hard links, who aren’t the most creative and not the most stylish but who did very good runs during 3 mins needed to be on a podium.

    If a judge said to them, you are nowhere ibut if we had judged ur 3 mins runs you will be on the podium.

    I point there the problem of this type of contest. If you say, there is 3 categories of judgement, the 3 mins runs format aren’t the best. Let riders making 3 combos with 2 or 3 tries for each and then judge !

    Props to Matthias who was totally insane this week end and sorry for my english !

  5. Shit Effraim this is a G-TURN not NOSE WHEELIE i’m entitled to mention PAUL OSICKA he did it first no need to swear pity half the others on here don’t know their flatland history instead if shouting out props to a rider who taxed somebody else’s trick 12 years after it was first done , brakeless or not its the same trick.

  6. Easy buddy. George Manos did a backward facing nose wheelie in a circle, he’d have to change from rolling backwards to rolling forwards for it to be a Gturn, but that’s not the point. The point is that doing this type of trick without the brake requires you to learn super awkward body english, when you feather you don’t need to learn that body english you can just rely on the brake to make it happen.

    That’s why everyone is flipping out that Manos is doing it this way. No doubt Manos was probably influenced by Osicka to do this trick, which can be honoured in it’s own right, but you can’t take away from this sort of innovation. To quote my friend’s words “Osicka would sh*t”.

    I remember a few years back when people first saw Alexis D doing brake less bw rolling wheelchair whiplashes a few veterans didn’t get why people were making a big deal since Mark Eaton and Ross did them with brakes in the 90s… Without the aid of a brake again the trick and the body english necessary is totally different, not to mention a whole other ballpark in terms of difficulty.

    Some of us young guns know our history, and Manos is a modern day OG. Sick

    • Thank you Peter, I never said it was straight line, a nose wheelie can be carved, like George Manos is doing, as Peter explained, two different tricks, anyway both are awesome tricks!

  7. I don’t wanna speak about tricks and this contest.

    im just really disapointed because i have no idea what should i do! May i will not try any really hardcore trick because its doesn’t make sense. On my frontwheel technical stuffs also doesn’t make sense.
    They just killed my motivation. Thanks

    Adam Kun

    Ride on

  8. To Dominik and Adam:
    This contest, as any contest, wasn’t meant to kill anybodys motivation. It was an attempt to include Flatland in the Rebel Jam WITH the special way Rebel Jam is judged. I am not 100% happy with the result myself, my results would have been a little different. But the results are the average of what the judging panel of four judges decided, so I stand behind the results as one of the judges. The question was raised by a previous poster whether hard trick was one trick or link, or the average of the three minutes. I have to admit that wasn’t discussed beforehand and it should have been. It was our (the judges) first time judging this way, too. I apologize if we didn’t get everything right. We did our best and I think we should all hope Rebel Jam will include Flatland again next time. Tearing every single result apart here or elswhere will not make Flatland look any better! And I believe we, or more correctly you, the riders, actually made Flatland look very good! And that’s the thing we need as a community to be in more big events and give more people a chance to do what they love professionally.

    • I think Michael covered it all there, if you guys are un happy what you should do is be constructive and perhaps with Michael leading things can improve, I think this contest was a huge step forward in the right direction, and I know a lot of people are stoked on flatland after watching the Rebel jam, that is a good thing!

  9. Ok. I got it Michael and all is nice and cool for flatland of course. Im just still disappointed of my places after rewatched the video of the pulled combos in the final and that’s all but its like this 🙂 You said right before the runs, we only going to watch the pulled combos, without touch. I always try to do my own things or something cool to make flatland better, hardcore etc but i don’t get any respect or if I got it I can not see it in the result. Sorry…

    As Dom said it was a good lesson for me, see you at next contests guys :)))

    Have a nice day


  10. Questions, so many questions… Do I have good answers? No!
    You know that we don’t watch a video, we watch the contest live. And I believe that’s how it should be.

    Regarding lessons learned, all I can say is this was only one contest that was judged this very special way. I don’t think it is meant to be the format of the future. It’s just the Rebel Jam way and I think it’s good for that.

    Honestly, do you want to change your riding style for certain contests? Personally I’m a firm believer in doing your own thing. And I know for a matter of fact that both of you, Adam and Dominik, get a lot of respect from the scene and also from me as a judge. I hope good contest results are not the only reason for you to ride. I love what both of you are doing and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. If you want to hear my personal opinion about how to get even better contest results I am happy to tell you. But that would only be my opinion of course.

    Both of you are an important part of the Flatland scene today and if you decide to keep riding for the next couple of years which I am sure you will you will keep dominating out sport!


  11. Look at the amount of riders/pro’s that have taken time out to contribute to this discussion, surely that’s another form of progression in itself..
    #lurknomore 😉

  12. yeah i hear you Peter but some of you young guns don’t know your history as Mark Eaton was doing and invented backwards whiplashes in 1987 not in the 90’s he certainly didn’t do wheelchair whiplashes whatever thay are and Al Capone,Ronnie and Reggie Kray etc are original Gangsters .Paul Osicka never feathered the brake in 1999 he rolled it super fast that in my own words say ” OSICKA IS THE MAN ”
    Backwards to forwards is not a G-TURN you have heard of a Rock Roll by Paul Hudson its inventor in 1984 ? its a G-Turn a 180 endo let the brake off and roll backwards in a circle that my friend is a G-TURN here endeth the lesson from a 43 year old man who knows his shit.

    • I rode with Paul Hudson funnily enough back in the day, great rider! You kind of answered the debate in this one Howard, “it’s a G-Turn a 180 endo let the brake off and roll backwards in a circle that my friend is a G-TURN here endeth the lesson from a 43 year old man who knows his shit.”

      Moving forward to 2011, George Manos rode backwards, popped the bike up and coasted in a circle, there was NO 180 in there, so by definition this was not a g turn! For it to be a backwards facing g turn at some point he would have to be rolling in a two footed crackpacker position, and he is not!

  13. Yo guys,

    i don’t wanna continue talking about this because i prefer to pulling tricks than talking about that. I just don’t agree with this result after re-watched the video of the pulled combos.
    I don’t care about the mistakes during the runs ( everybody did lot of touches except few rider), im always lookin what is pulledl. Was 3 category hard trick ( not hard run, not hard combo ) creativity, style, and NOT CONSISTENCY.

    Effraim : if i put my feet done im not continueing the combo for me it’s over. Doesn’t count.



    • @ Adam,

      I was just asking about touches, because you mentioned what Michael had said, but they are touches on some of these combos shown. I think actually of all the riders, Dominik had the cleanest run…

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