Trevor Meyer & Alexis Desolneux Solitaire 2

Two rad videos from 2000, the Solitaire videos by Armin Batoumeni and Christophe Dassie ruled, almost like a mix tape of all the best riding from the year. 2000, what a year, X games, fly back for King of Concrete, ten years, seems like yesterday in some ways. Im drifting off here, back to the vids, great stuff from Trevor at the X games, and Alexis is shredding brakeless. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Trevor Meyer & Alexis Desolneux Solitaire 2

  1. Great riding loved this era Trever had so many different combo's and Alexis shows total control even today that would rule,awesome stuff.

  2. You know whats cazy, was Trevors consistency, that stuff at X games was everytime, hes got so much skill, huge bag of tricks, much respect.

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