Trevor Meyer’s New Custom Flatland Frame!


Matthew Buentiempo, Steve Woodward and Shawn White over at Bizhouse just built Trevor Meyer a custom new frame that Trevor is calling “Trev A Tron 3000”. Shawn was kind enough to send photos and a video beginning initial ideas from Trevor, Shaun’s CAD drawing, welding in the jig and finished product. As you can see, the classic GT front end returns that we all know Trevor used of many years, and a lil’ old school throwback with a CW inspired platform, plenty of room on this frame throughout which makes total sense for a guy of Trevor’s height.
Check the specs and photos below:







21″ TT
11.5 BB
13.75 Back end
74.5 HT

5lbs 2oz.

Made at Livin’ Metal.

Hopefully some footage of Trevor on board his new ride soon…

6 thoughts on “Trevor Meyer’s New Custom Flatland Frame!

  1. So does livin metal have a website, would they make another custom frame based off this design or something similar. Inquiring minds want to know. I’ve been hoping for a custom frame build done here in the states for a while.

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