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TrickStars from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

If you never saw this one, your in for a treat. Or even if you have, take a watch again, so much good riding from the Portugal Worlds 1998. Featuring the likes of Martti Kuoppa, Andrew Faris, Phil Dolan, OG Marton, Nathan Penonzek, and many more including myself.

21 thoughts on “Trickstars Online!

    • Watching this again took me back to Martti and Andrew pushing each other, new tricks every contest without fail. Such an inspiring time! @Campbell thanks for the kind words, haven’t done a time machine in years! 🙂

  1. What Chris said ^
    I’m so pissed I missed this era of riding! That took me an hour to watch with all the rewinding. So good.

  2. Must run a video! What you miss today revealed … For the video, I had then sold the car to my mother. by andrew farris and Martti Koppa, phil dolan … I only really started with flatland … i miss jason brown, stephan royer,…

    he effraim, – hard staff for this time… respect

  3. Love to see Andrew and Martti jamming, congratulating each other at the end of a link, clapping hands… when you think who these two guys are and what they represent for modern flatland ! Stoked by their riding AND their attitude. Respect.

    • @Alex – Yes it was very much like that all the time, more so at the european events looking back. Those guys certainly pushed the sport like crazy, I remember talking to other riders and everyone was generally so excited as to what they would do the next day at the event. It seemed like they didn’t have only set combos, but so much more. So amazing to have experienced this time.

  4. @Effraim Yeah man this was my first contest ever abroad! You were the first pro rider I ever saw. We asked you in the streets for directions to the contest! Hahaaaa Also you judged expert class and put me first:-):-):-) this 98 contest changed my life! I m stoked to see this video!

    • @Viki _ Great times man! Thats crazy I was the first pro rider you saw! I miss those contests in portugal! Was more about the jam than the contest.
      @Alex – Yes Martti’s saves are legendary, the man is a genius, that shit doesnt happen 🙂

  5. And I miss Martti’s saves so much, incredible ! Only he could get out of such situations (like the save in his final run in Cologne 2002, legendary!) ! Pure freestyle in his blood, instant creativity (I easily understand one could wonder what he would come up with the next day, it looks like he himself did not know what he would come up with the second after!).

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