Trinity 2nd Year Anniversary / A Trick Flatland Contest Monday 23rd November


Naoto Tamaru hit me with some late news on a flatland contest he is holding this coming Monday at the Trinity Skatepark to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary. Here is what he had to say, translated from the above video:

‘I’m Naoto, I organized A-TRICK and it is TRINITY 2nd anniversary too.
I want to tell you why I’m organized it.
When I started BMX, I didn’t have a You Tube, Facebook like a SNS.
But when I entered contest, always I met new ppl and see what they do, what they think.
It was help for my motivate and my progress.
Recently, I’m in world contest sometimes I did good run, sometimes bad run but it is no matter because after contest I progressed and got motivate from them.


Now we have a SNS what really good for us. because we could see whole world and what they do all the time but sometimes we don’t know each other, we don’t see each face, we don’t talk each other.
So I want them to enter the any contest or come any contest because we can meet each other, see face, talk, make a new friends or new rival and get motivated.
It is help for us absolutely.

This time, I’m making 16inch class and 20inch low class, these is more kinda fun, I want them to feel contest is fun!

And one more class is 20inch high.
This is kinda open or Pro class.
Winner will get 100000 japanese yen(about 810$)
I want them to be great or hard trick because I want to show what we could do with BMX, what pro riders do and give motivate for kids, beginners and amateur riders.

It is local contest but I’m trying to keep this contest every year.

I’m waiting see everyone at A-TRICK.
A-TRICK supported by ARES BIKES.

Naoto Tamaru.

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