Tsutomu Kitayama wins the 2013 Voodoo Jam!

Photo: Anthony Buglio.

It’s been a late night staying up and watching the annual Voodoo jam! As I predicted two days ago, Tsutomu Kitayama would take the win! Congratulations Tsutumu!

1-Tsutomu Kitayama
2- Hiroya Morisaki
3- Yohei Uchino
4- Alex Jumelin
5-Matthias Dandois
6-Moto Sasaki
7-Matt Wilhelm
8-Dominik Nekolny
9- Viki Gomez
12-Terry Adams
14-William Perez
16-Dane Beardsley
17-Aaron Frost
19-Alberto Moya
20-Waldemar Fatkin
21-Luis Do Santos
22-Jeremy Brosset
23-Prasheel Gopal
24-Jason Plourde
27-Isaiah Jordan
28-Stephan Kornely
29-Will Redd
30-Gonzalo Bellenti
31-Bert Ribul
32-Art Thomason
33-Eric Wright
34-Bo Wade

9 thoughts on “Tsutomu Kitayama wins the 2013 Voodoo Jam!

  1. I still can’t believe the E called out Tsutomu for the win on Thurdsay night in the pub! Alot of heavy hitters in that comp! Tsutomu was bass ass though!

  2. Funny, after watching the clip E posted I thought “You know, this riding is simply above the normal level of professional and SHOULD be a win as long as there are no touches (or minimal)”

    Its really apparent that asia has taken over the flatland scene. Their master’s class is the typical pro class everywhere else. When I judge myself and think where I stand in this flat game I look towards asia because its a reminder of the amazing vast talent that exists and how hard I have to train if I want to ride anywhere near these guys level.

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