2 thoughts on “Tyler Gilliard – New Tyre Pivot session

  1. Really stoked seeing Tyler come up / progress to a top pro contender !! Seeing him in person waaaaaaaay back in October 2006 had me KNOWING his skill level would elevate QUICKLY ………now look at him ……….turbining doublw foot fire haul / pivoting to KICKLESS turbine cross cobains , BARS BOTH WAYS / BRAKLESS !!!! Respect to my favorite PEDAL steamer / Florida RIPPER !!! KEEP the video clips coming , love em JEFE !!!!!!

  2. THIS IS RODNEY WILLIAMS who just left THAT COMMENT NOW for TYLER , NOT OR , my laptop is freaking tripping !!! KEEP YOUR video clips coming Tyler !!! AGAIN THIS IS RODNEY WILLIAMS …………..OR is ME , RODNEY WILLIAMS !!!!!!

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