Ucchie, Karino, Sasaki, Kuoppa, Tanaka @ Club ADD

Fun edit of Ucchie, Karino, Moto, Martti, Kotaro, plus few others putting on a show at Club Add, in Japan, im guessing this was after the KOG in Kobe or something. Check Ucchie swinging the bike round and Kotaro “skipping” the bike, this is awesome!

3 thoughts on “Ucchie, Karino, Sasaki, Kuoppa, Tanaka @ Club ADD

    • How funny is Martti’s spinning circle k to ass collapse on frame! Ucchie is almost in tears laughing so hard, so much fun and laughter between riders, this is awesome to see! Ucchie rips it up in that tight area!!! such a good edit!

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