Ucchie wins KOG Round 2 in Kobe!

Technology blows me away, this morning I woke up to a livefeed of the KOG Round 2 in Kobe, with the crazy time difference I only managed to follow the contest from the semi finals, Moto Sasaki went out to the consistent flapjack links of Russia, whilst Ucchie edged out Takhiro Ikeda for a place in the final. During the run off for third, Moto went off and looked a lot more relaxed than in the run off with Russia. During the final seemed to be a lot of love and respect between finalists Ucchie and Russia, the battle was a little bit like front wheel vs back wheel, both riders had a few touches, especially in the second runs where they were going for harder stuff! Congrats to Ucchie!!! First KOG win in a few years?!

1st Yohei Ucchino
2nd Shinishi Kiba
3rd Moto Sasaki
4th Takahiro Ikeda
5th Syuichi Osada
6th Yoshiki Ucchino
7th Nao Yoshida
8th Takayua Higa
9th Hiroya Morzaki
10th Fumiya Kanna

See the third place battle below! For more videos hit the link!

Video streaming by Ustream

7 thoughts on “Ucchie wins KOG Round 2 in Kobe!

  1. Whats Russia real name E ? lot of Paul Osicka type moves there but with a more modern twist ,awesome battle Ucchie was nuts 🙂

  2. The links that Hotoke pulled in his run against Ucchie were totally bonkers, and the turbined opposite foot pedal hang-five thing at the end… wow. I feel that if he could get all his new super hard stuff dialed he’d be right back on top… always blown away by his riding.

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