10 thoughts on “UK BMX Battle video + results

  1. Great work Yinka beating Cheeky and Stu ,not heard of any of them dudes or pro dudes before nice work Keelan 🙂

  2. Area look aweful how slanted and rough was that surface ? black skies ,no crowd mmm good riding though , Corey Martinez on the white bike impressed me ,Steve Green should shave that head looking like Prince William on top ,since when has Mario been pro ( top geezer though) and where was the Am video ?? Keelan outshone everyone in my opinion.

  3. Believe me i didnt want to enter Pro but as i won Expert last year Keelan said i had to enter Pro this year! Fair enough! So werent really my choice but had fun making up the numbers! Dont worry wont be making a habit of this, any other comp will be back where i belong in Expert/Am.. Yeah the floor was a mission. Everyone apart from Keelan seemed to struggle on it. But overall a good day hooking up with everyone and a top session in the ikea carpark after was well worth the trip to Milton Keynes. Apparentley theres gonna be another vid out at the end of the week which hopefully will have some Am footage (Yinka was sick!!!) and carpark session stuff. I hope!!
    Thanks to Keelan for sorting out the event.

  4. Guess the talk of the day was Steve Greens tight white womens jeans then haha god how does he breath in them , look forward to the Ams video should of held it in the Ikea carpark in the first place but guess you need permission for that , loved Keelans style.

  5. And the crowd goes wild woooo woooo what crowd ? Glad i didn’t make the 300+ mile trip from the North East if this is the state of UK flat UK BMX Battle my arse when the 2nd and 3rd place pro’s are not even English who are they never heard of them ? where were the usual big boys White,Catlow,Dolan,Foakes,Musselwhite,Forde etc and Ciaran Perry is he ever gonna make an appearance out of that presigious car park but compared to this must be heaven that surface was terrible not even indoors and dark skies ,its all doom and gloom .

    • Part of the problem in the UK Chris, is that all the names you mention are 30 +, with exception of Sam, Ciaran, and I think Lee, so for me at least I’m not competing this year “tendonitus” injury that I went into back on the flatmatters blog, so I’m just trying to ride differently than i would if i was contest riding. Anyway the issue for me is not the “usual boys” turning up, its about where the new generation are going to come from, how they get exposed to flatland in the first place, Uk contests are not that well supported by the whole scene, I don’t think they have been for years, its just declined now to such a rate, its highlighted.

  6. Right. I@M the real Blindingsun, Aka Chris Southall.

    1. I never made the prior statements on this video,
    2. See number 1.
    3. I’d never call myself by my real name on any kind of public forum.
    4. I don’t even fucking know who Steve Greens is,
    5. I apologise to Effraim,, about whoever left them twatty comments, I’m sure you can trace them via ISP but it wasn’t me, I’ve neither the time or inclination to sit and troll flatland sites anymore, I’ve got a job and a son to attend to. then IF I get any free time, I go ride.

    and as IF I’d call dark skies “doom and gloom” i’m from newcastle ffs. it’s always miserable here. and I’d NEVER ever EVER say I “loved Keelans style” ….. who is this imposter? Keelan’s style doesn’t appeal to me at all… in any sense. not saying he’s not talented but I just don’t like watching him ride all that much. Shows how little the imposter knows about me. I’d take a wild guess and say that it was MUTT.

    and i’d never call mario a “top geeza” geeza isn’t a word I’d ever use. I’m a geordie,. I’d call him a top bloke, but geeza. no.

    sorry again to effraim..


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