UK Flatland BMX Championships 2012 Bristol, Pro

UK Flatland BMX Championships 2012 Bristol, Pro from Dwin FlatLand on Vimeo.

Great upload from this weekends UK Flat Championships in Bristol. Good vibes in Bristol!

Pro Results:
1st Lee Musselwhite
2rd Josh Briars
3rd Andy Hale
4th Jason Forde
5th Amos Burke
6th Steve Green
7th Ben Penzony (1st Wnner in AM)

Am Results:
1st Ben Penzony
2rd Mayko Lee
3rd Mario
4th Matt Dyer
5th Jamie Young
6th Matt Spencer
7thTom Brace
8th Aidwen
9th Tyler Kelly
10th Alex Grogan (Age 12)
11th Riche Spencer (Age 11)
12th Russell Constant & Mike Duck

7 thoughts on “UK Flatland BMX Championships 2012 Bristol, Pro

  1. These are only the 1st run’s, everyone rode better on there second one .Second one from Lee was the winning one I think, I reamber him ghosting his bike at he end when he pulled his last trick lol.

  2. Andy Hale’s last trick was dope as f*** , hip hop was a bit wack , all about Salvador Darlings 80’s fringe, pencil tash and tribal tattoo for me , now that ain’t fake .

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