UK Flatland Championships – 21st September

The Uk Flatland Championships is just two weeks away, once again we go back to the Cycle Expo in Harrogate, Yorkshire. One of the best contest floors of the year, £1500 up for grabs in the pro class, prizes in AM. Get yourself there, sure to go off. Last years event was a treat!

5 thoughts on “UK Flatland Championships – 21st September

  1. Looks to be epic …..AGAIN , Big -E !! Cant wait to see runs from Dom , White , Dudlis , Moya , etc , etc……….cant forget Keelan , either ! U.K. flatland ……..REPRESENT !! I ll be looking forward to your daily reports , Effraim .

  2. Somehow Yorkshire tea has to get in on sponsoring this event. Since E mentioned that tea by in part fuels flatmatters, I have since only drank that tea. To me Yorkshire tea is the official tea of flatmatters, and flatland as a whole until Big E says otherwise.

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