UK Flatland Championships Day 1

Repo: Effraim.
Photos: Matti Hemmings.

On Thursday morning I made the trip to Bristol to meet UK Flatland Championship organiser, Matti Hemmings to travel up to Harrogate, Yorkshire in the north of the UK.
Yesterday, myself and Matti set up the arena which is located in a different hall than last year.

Whilst Matti was organising the prizes, I mopped and cleaned the floor ready for the session and of course the weekend. After a short time of riding, Mizo, Pedro Nascimento, and Erik (second name unknown) arrived and joined in the session. Shortly after Kevin Browne, and Davis Dudelis also joined in the session.

We rode 4-5 hours at the spot before we got kicked out for the day, went for dinner and then later met up with Whiteski. As you can imagine, the topic everyone is talking is flatbible, always a fun time hanging out with James. Enjoy some of the photos from yesterday, time to head down to the contest.

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