UK Flatland Championships going down tomorrow!

Matti Hemmings has been hard at work organising tomorrows event, heres the word from Matti:

“This weekend is the Flatland championships in Newport (Wales), 8th October which is a Saturday.11.00 am the event starts not problem if your there before to warm up.

Refreshments of Water/cans of relentless on the day plus box’s of Noodles there will be 2 selections which are veg & meat.

The contest will be on a stage floor which is 40ft -40ft so it’s big enough for 2 -3 rider at a time. which will be brushed and sprayed with coca cola to make it stcky.

If it’s raining on the day there will be a indoor spot which is located in the river front build that guys at the centre have sorted for us. Good area smooth concreate floor.

Music: Drum&bass, funk, reggae, Hiphop, break beats, Dub step etc.


Contest time starts 1.00pm – 2.00pm

2 Runs Best run counts
1minute 30seconds for each rider in AM = 3minutes over all
2 minutes for each rider in Pro = 4minutes over all

1st,2rd,3rd Prices for both am/pro
Best trick prices for both am/pro
Old school best trick
Funky chicken battle cash price of £50

I have few more prices from sponsors to give away that i havn’t yet sorted out but will come up with something maybe on the day.

Venue is close to a bus station & train station which both are 5minute ride to the stage area. There’s parking near by aswell for people driving.”

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