9 thoughts on “Ulrich Kittel – Dopest Flatland Tricks

  1. Props to that Jesse frame! I remember seeing this back in the day, hand scuffs are like herpes they just pop up from time to time. I was thinking Mercedes over there must be like seeing a neon or focus over here. Then I saw which side the steering wheel was on. Baller in deed!

    • It was great to see him in Southsea for King of Concrete 2000. He started busking in middle of Southsea’s main precinct one of the days leading up to the event, think he did pretty well out of it too. 🙂

  2. Ulrich always had the smoothest riding. Trickstars 3 was probably my favorite spot of his.

    Rick W. I first learned F-Trucks in the grass in front of my house. It worked, but ALWAYS learn forward. I fell on my back once and its been messed up since.


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