17 thoughts on “YUYA – 15 years Old!

  1. Yo Effraim, i got some info on that kid.

    I was actually talking to his mum on facebook.
    She is riding flatland, and started because she saw Kotaro in a shop.
    They are from Osaka and the kid have been riding for 2 years.
    He is learning by himself without any teatcher.

    Her mum was really prould to have her sun on Flatmatters.

    That is defninitly a great Flatland story!!!!!

  2. Whats even better was the song selection!!! *pumps head to 80’s girlband pop rock*

    JFB: Thats a great story!!! Pumped on it!!!

    The mom rides too!!?? Lets get mom and son video!!! 😉

  3. I just watched it again. It’s actually pretty awesome. He’s so creative for his age and how long he’s been riding. Taking a little piece of everything and making it his own.

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