Update: Flatark News

The World Circuit finals is going down in Kobe, Japan on the 26/27th October. The rider entry list is already big and growing! Hit the link for a full list of international riders, plus added with japanese entries, its sure to be one hell of a contest! Who will be the 2013 World Circuit Champion?


7 thoughts on “Update: Flatark News

  1. @DOM:

    as DOM seems to be your nickname,
    HIRO is the one of Hiroya Morisaki, 2nd name in the japanese entry list

    btw, props for the OSG 2013 win!

  2. Cannot help but notice that matthias is the only one not making a super serious face. Haha ! Off course i am not trying to make any point or to be meaningful, i just find it hilarious in a way. Yes who cares,´i know …:)

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