Vibrations Urbanies Flatland 2011 Final

Thanks to Moya for sending in the Vibrations Urbanies Flatland 2011 Final footage from this weekend! One of those finals where the riding didn’t really go off to its potential, kind of surprised with the results on this contest.

14 thoughts on “Vibrations Urbanies Flatland 2011 Final

  1. they had a cement floor, but placed a wooden floor,
    It was folded in two hours, there had many lights on the ceiling, but they didn´t use it, only used lights at a height too low to be hit in the eye while turning, and just had lights on one side, I drove 5 hours to get there and I didn´t want to spend 20 euros to register the competition.

  2. Riding wise Jumelin looks good on the front more back wheel stuff would be nice ,Matthias sick tricks but same old material nothing new there , the lightbulb is a great invention pity we can’t use it to its full capacity ,the riders should od had lights on their bikes haha

  3. Thong and Bowers and Wilkins : Thanks ! Respect

    Talking about results, originality, difficulty, how many mistake ??? Please, no guys!

    It was a nice contest with cool guys like Alex, Viki, Matthias etc…Yes the floor wasn’t the best and the lights but we had so much fun!


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