Vienna Picknick Jam edits

Two Cracking edits by Nicolaus Grubinger and Erik Faustmann, great riding from the Vienna Picknick jam, Sebastian Grubinger, Markus Redlberger, Michael Sommer, Gergely Szájer, and many more, really enjoyed these…

3 thoughts on “Vienna Picknick Jam edits

  1. I was about to say the same thing. Redlberger is sick. Also, Vienna looks beautiful and looks to have a real healthy scene. I’d love to ride there.

  2. oh yes, markus riding is sick!!!
    about the scene,…well…not really – half of the riders were not even from austria 🙂 i’m stoked so many people came to visit!
    thanks everybody for coming and making the picknick jam possible!!

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