Viki Gomez Flatland Immersion Podcast

Photo: Sevisual.

Today we have a nice treat from Dusty Tweedhope, who caught up with Viki Gomez for the latest episode in the Flatland Immersion Podcast series. They talk about family, travelling, Viki’s karate background before he found flatland, his mindset of how he stays passionate about Flatland, his love for Japan, dealing with injuries and a whole lot more.
It’s definitely time for a cuppa and enjoy this episode everyone.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, and on YouTube, links below.

3 thoughts on “Viki Gomez Flatland Immersion Podcast

  1. Thanks Dusty / Viki ! Gonna enjoy listening to this . Viki is a true class act …..on AND off the bike ! Cant stress just how much he has pushed , innovated ,and is STILL moving the progression , creativity of bmx flatland . One of the first things that springs to mind is his signature switch hand/ bars big Mc circle…. to 360 bar flip , landing in wrist twist position to tomahawk . He was nailing that move MID -LINE in combos as far back as 1999 , when he was riding for one of my favorite clothing companies , Jnco jeans . When he first started coming to C.F.B. bmx events , riding his all bright orange Quamen , throwing down such original , technical moves like the one I just stated …….riders didn’t know what to think ! They just KNEW………this guy came to the U.S. bmx contest scene to win and make his riding presence……..FELT ! Jorge Viki Gomez = a true bmx flatland innovator , TIMES 7 .

  2. And that was before Redbull gave Vikki or anyone any wings, haha!. I’ve got to agree, Vikki’s been a big innovator, rode great with & still getting better without brakes. If I’m correct, I think he can do just about anything without brakes. That puts him right up there, in my opinion.

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