6 thoughts on “Viki Gomez Flatmatters exclusive!!

  1. Viki is AMAZING, super laxed chill guy, with a heart of gold. Was awesome hanging with him and sergio, and seeing him hit the kickflip to halfpacker 3 consecutive times in the most horrible parking lot ive ever seen. RIDE ON

  2. I love the shorts, haha, all he had left clean from his trip, the hang five jump to steam is so dialled, i think people dont realise how hard that is, the ending definitely adds to this clip!

  3. Haha yes E, at the Riviera Roadside. He hit one..So i said "keep going, you hit it once." As he proceeded to hit that switch 2 more times after bantering him. RIGHT after putting his bike together, *Which he had only been riding for a week at that time * hahaha madness

  4. Vikis so natural, i often forget that!! thanks for sharing Bobby, and that lot sucked, damn.. even more impressive!!

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