Viki Gomez qualifies first at Fise!

On a showery day in the South of France, the contest just about happened on the second attempt! Viki Gomez narrowly took the first place spot from Matthias Dandois, finals tommorow, the crowd is huge at Fise, hopefully the weather improves for tommorow’s final. Results and who is battling who below… My camera batteries died as posting this, so no images from Fise just yet…

Fise Pro Flat qualifying Results..

Viki Gomez
Matthias Dandois
Jesse Puente
Alex Jumelin
Takahiro Ikeda
Joris Bretagnolles
Jean-Francis Boulainne
Jean Bulhon

Raphael Chiquet (from first run-before rain)
Markus Reich
Jeremy Brosset
David Hoffmann

First round battles:

Joris vs Jesse

Jean Francis vs Ikeda

Alex vs Matthias

Viki vs Jean Bulhon

5 thoughts on “Viki Gomez qualifies first at Fise!

  1. Congrats to Viki.

    I guess the live stream didn’t show this? I checked periodically after 7:30 their time (despite being at work), but didn’t see any flatland.

    Does anyone know how the battles are chosen? Its usually done like 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, and 4 vs 5, no? The line up seems a bit random to me.

    • I believe its been changed Prasheel, as I said, i didn’t make any sense. Its raining at moment and heavy thunderstorms, finals are scheduled tonight for european time, I will post Viki’s run when I get back from Fise Monday! Missing my bike already!

  2. The floor is pretty bouncy, Jesse been partying all night, the man has more energy than anyone ive ever met, non stop! Good times last night at the Fise with Jesse P, Viki, Alex, Martti, Alain, and his wife. Looks like the weather is improving, as I sit here in the Fise press tent, the staff are busy squeeching the areas, getting them all dry! Expect some action later live on the net!

  3. Hahaha Jesse P is awesome! I remember partying with him in Cologne three years ago, he literally didn’t sleep at all for two days straight and was still riding.

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