Viki Gomez – TED Talk / Freestyle your life

Many of you will recall the Rodney Mullen TED talk I posted on the site a few years back, it is rare to hear Flatlanders talk about what they do on this platform. Viki Gomez was given that opportunity, and gives a great talk about what he does and his philosophy in riding and the experiences he has had, really enjoyed this.

6 thoughts on “Viki Gomez – TED Talk / Freestyle your life

  1. Great talk!!!
    Had to find a vid of the final of the COB 2012 mentionned, it was a 4 riders battle, fat kickflips combos from Viky, so good, more impressive now that I know it was won in these conditions, redbull really gives wings lol

  2. Watching Vikki talk about flat’s so good, in that he speaks candidly, passionately what flat means to him. I liked how he said that being spontaneous can lead you to great opportunities, I think he said. That’s exactly how I’ve lived my life for many years, using my already lateral thinking to flat. I also think, at least for me, it allowed me to see different riders to see what other riders are really like. I see a man that knows the feeling of a smooth link, how to get that adrenalin rush, riding being a release if you’re angry etc, that flat is infinite, our bikes are similar to a musicians guitar, we’re trying to make them do what we want, taking what’s in our minds and making all the hours of practice become reality. I think we should allow ourselves a bit of a pat on the back. Let’s face it, us riders are rare,& not many can do what we can do. Just leave the egos away lol. No disrespect, but Vikki sounds like tennis player, Raphael Nadal. Not too surprised given they’re both Spaniards.

  3. Not an easy task to speak in front of an audience and cameras and try to encapsulate Freestyle to non-riders, connecting Freestyle to propelling life, all the while doing it in a second language. Well done.

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