Viki Gomez wins Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012!

Wow that was nuts! One of the most charged contests I’ve ever seen! Viki Gomez rode out of his skin for the win. And his third Circle of Balance title, just amazing! Hope you all enjoyed the livefeed! That was such a blast!

Viki Gomez
Hiroya Morizaki
Jean William Prevost

Rider Choice: Alex Jumelin

17 thoughts on “Viki Gomez wins Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012!

  1. What a amazing morning. I am so glad I was able to wake up and watch it live. Thanks Effraim for all your hard work and doing such an amazing job with commentary. I can only imagine what its like to be there live. If I can be this HYPED up from being alone in my room on the PC. You must be going through the roof! Great job! Thanks to everyone for making this event possible!

  2. No one talk about the fact that viki must have lost again alex jumelin in the first battle…that was a pure joke, alex had no touch and very strong combos and viki made only one combo… but after no problem except the fact matthias is 4th…

    Indeed, nice event and so good to see the live!!!

    • Thanks guys! I just try to bring my passion for flatland to all you guys at home! This place is buzzing. The bus on the way back to the hotel was so wild, all check Alex Jumelin’s instagram tomorrrow, craziness!

  3. Woke at 5 AM to watch. Effraim KILLED it. Missed the first 2 battles. Very good stuff. Matthias was in the zone. Felt like the judging went well and was pleased with the results. Im not sure it could have gone any better. Good Work on the mic Effraim, you had me buzzing before the sun came up!

  4. Awesome love a comp format bit more individual but battles they are , guess Prasheel thinks they are not an advantage but he’s the talk of the town at the mo so he’s always right.

  5. Viki Rules.

    3 Circle of Balance Titles.
    That is the highest Flatland competition achievement anyone will ever achieve.
    No other flatlander will ever do that.

    Effraim’s Commentary Rules.

    Circle of Balance contest format Ruled.

    Live Stream Ruled.

  6. Watching this on the live stream was amazing. I was screaming in front of my computer at 6:30 in the morning.
    Someone please upload the Dominik vs DUB battle. PLEASE! It was so freaking intense.

  7. Nicolas: I just watched the first battle and you are clearly mistaken. Vicki landed 4-5 combo’s, all of which were 3-5 times longer than alex’s with higher difficulty.

    Alex’s best combo was landed with 19 seconds left of his final leg, and it was a crossfooted mccircles to his awkward inside pinky squeak, to double pink squeak to boomerang….which is and always has been a very brilliant piece of flatland…but if you compare it to some of vicki’s combo’s, vicki clearly had the edge. Dumptruck behind the back stubbleducks in the middle of a very long back wheel link with 10x more switches > mccircles and pinky squeaks.

    This contest was insane!

  8. Yooooooooo!

    It was so awesome and the party that ensued was epic!!!

    You’ve got to respect all of the riders involved.

    After all these years Alex can still find a new style. Without a brake he’s lost a lot of his best switches, but he’s exploring new avenues. That’s flatland. Dub was so happy to get on the podium. It was an awesome show and I’m glad that Viki got it in the end. He was the best rider all the way through and showed the most variety.

    I’m stoked. Get to ride with the Osaka crowd tonight!

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