Viki Gomez wins Red Bull Flamenco Contest!

Congrats to Viki Gomez winning the Red Bull Flemenco contest in Malaga, Spain!

1-Viki Gomez
2-Moto Sasaki
3-Takahiro Ikeda
5- Matthias Dandois
7- Jesse Puente
8-Sam Foakes

7 thoughts on “Viki Gomez wins Red Bull Flamenco Contest!

  1. As Moya said you go out first round to Guelo. In the words of Sam “I rode turd”… It happens… Im still stoked he qualified first after such a long lay off. Hope this is the return of Sam Foakes. Congrats go out to the top three, Viki, Moto and Ikeda. Look forward to some footage.

  2. Greg, I guess everyone who knocked out in the first round are kind of equal, so 5-8th are all in the same boat as we all went out at the same stage…

    Despite my choice of words about my own riding…haha…I just want to clarify that Guelo rode amazing in our battle, and has been riding great all week! Real talent.

    Huge thanks to Red Bull, Viki and all the riders. This event looked after all the riders so well, it was an amazing trip like no other contest I have been to.

    Thanks again for inviting me and huge thanks to all involved.

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