10 thoughts on “Viki Gomez – Zuppermarket Flatland Contest Hype / Part 2

  1. EEEIIIAAK ! The first entry , Karl/half double peg boomerang/clock wise pivot to x leg/bike-pivot to hiker !!!! Damn dude , I was rewinding that alone ! So hard for me to get through this entire edit ! The fire haul/quick swith to cross left/rolling it inside/frame swinging-stepping over to x leg hang ten/directly pivoting to crack ! Bonkers !!!! Really digging/loving the tech/stylish lines in this !!! Yeah Viki !!!!! At 1.40 , that Karl to counter clock wise hiker swing/x leg half packer/turbine -uncross to switch hand steam !!!! Gonna watch more of this edit ! So many heavy details in this !!!! Props viki !!

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