Vladimir Isaev Interview by Jeff Desroche

Interview: Jeff Desroche.
Photos: Salov’ev Maret.

This week has already been awesome for contributions to FM, namely the two photo galleries sent in by Matt Coplon from AFA Round 1 in Orlando, Florida. And it continues today, with Russian Pegasus BMX rider, Vladimir Isaev sent in by Jeff Desroche. Read on:


Name: Vladimir Isaev From: Russia. Novocherkassk.

Age: 21 y.o.

Years riding: 11 years Sponsors: Ziq&Yoni (Russian Clothes Brand), Pegasusbmx.

Who is your favorite rider and why? Pavel Inin. You don’t know him. But it is the strongest underground rider from Russia in 2006-2008, when I was just starting to ride. I’m Russian and for me the idols of my countrymen. And in the second place of course Hiroya Morizaki, Tsutomu Kitayama, Uchino Ucchie, Matthias Dandois.

What is flatland for you?
For me, the flatland as bodybuilding. I don’t want to relax and unwind, but on the contrary, out of the comfort zone.I set goals and objectives. And try to execute them. And of course the flatland that all of my friends!


What are your favorite foods?
Pancakes, dumplings, pizza. Actually I love to eat, but I have a strict diet for kidney problems, and to feel good, I eat a lot of beef, rice, pasta and drink plain water.
Tell us what a normal day in your life is like?: My life is a series regular and dialysis days. I am disabled and my kidney failure. 5 days a week I go to Institute, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I go to dialysis for 4.5 hours, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays I go to ride and on weekends I spend time with the girl and just ride too. Very little free time because of my studies and dialysis. Ride on 16-20 hours per week. Very little. In 2013 I rode in 2 times more.

What is dialysis?
Renal replacement therapy. I connect through a vein to the artificial kidney and clean the blood. 4.5 hours 3 times a week.


What is your dream job?
I’m studying management. I want to open my own business and work for themselves. It is desirable that it was related to bmx. For example online bmx shop.
What are your plans for the rest of the year?: I have very serious plans for this year. I’m going to transplant a kidney. The mother is donor. After the transplant, if all goes well it should be a course of rehabilitation. I’m going to give this enough time. Then get back to ride and win the championship of Russia (Now i’m third in pro).

Who do you want to thank? Last words?
Thank you to everyone who supports me. Shoutout to everyone who knows me and remembers! See you soo sure! I love HARDCORE FLATLAND! *gRRRRRR!*


7 thoughts on “Vladimir Isaev Interview by Jeff Desroche

  1. this x foot time machine is the clearest version i’ve seen so far,proper foot placement!lindustrial scenery of the pics,(the lact pic with the pool is great)hardcore image,strong will, good job overall!

  2. Thanks everybody!
    George, because it’s my trick 😉
    I would like very much to come to international competitions again!
    I hope my dream will come true!
    Contact me on Facebook, I try to learn English, so I’ll be all happy!))))

  3. Plan on recovering because it will all work out as mom’s don’t mess when it comes to caring for their boys. God speed and that switch footed pic. is incredible.

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