Voodoo Jam 2013 Update!

Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams are hard at work setting up the Voodoo Jam 2013 event, now of course part of the World Circuit. Here’s what SOB had to say:

Hello all we are getting ready for another Voodoo Jam in 2013.
The website is up and the date is set for June 1st 2013. Please visit our website and register if your coming to ride. It really helps us with organizing a great event for you all. We would also like to encourage you all to book your hotel as soon as possible because there is a convention in town and rooms will book up very soon. You can get all of this information on our website.


New for Voodoo 2013

-Veteran Class on Friday at the Jam.
-Proud to announce we are a part of the World Circuit.
-Pro Finals will have the Red Bull COB style battle.
-A few other surprises that we are working on to be announced.

We would like to take a moment to thank these companies for stepping up and sponsoring Voodoo Jam 2013. Without their support and dedication to Flatland BMX this contest would not be possible. Most of these companies have strong Flatland connections and we are very proud of this.

Red Bull
Freegun Underwear
Dans Comp
St. Martin Flatland
ATI Clothing
Purple Monkey
Nueu Creative/Fiksd

It’s great to see the support of the biggest Flatland only contest in the world,but of course we could always use more help even in the smallest way. If any other company would like to be a part of The Voodoo Jam please contact Terry Adams @ flatlandadams@yahoo.com

Voodoo Jam 2013 – Lets do this!

Thank you
Scott OBrien

14 thoughts on “Voodoo Jam 2013 Update!

  1. “-Pro Finals will have the Red Bull COB style battle”
    If you really get screens visible by the riders during their runs, that would be really great because it seems to me that is a really important improvement for the competition. And that’s a sort of thing that pushs Flatland up, up to the “professionalism” side I mean
    Hope to be well understood 🙂

  2. Renaud we are working out the details with Ucchie now on the clock. I do have a back up plan if his falls through. They use the same style for G Shock contest.
    Jan I have a great Idea you can do 2014 flier next year or anything for Voodoo Jam to help it professionally. That flier was done by a rider and approved by me. We don’t have a big budget and we do this all on our own with love and respect for riders and Flatland. Cant wait to come to your Professional contest.

    Either join the team or continue to be a hater.

  3. Scott, I had the feeling that a contest with the magnitude of Voodoo jam had enough rescources to hire a professional. I was wrong.
    It is stil no reason for me to be a dick there for my apologies.
    What I wanted to say was, fire your professional illustrator. But you have none so forget my remark.

  4. Jan
    No brother this is a grass roots event that is made to look that good by hard work , dedication and volunteers. People stepping up and helping out in every way because they love Flatland.

  5. Jan you have insulted so many more than just Scott, Terry and the “illustrator”
    What’s wrong with you?! What part if grassroots do you NOT understand?? Many have volunteered to keep voodoo alive and strong and with flatland being such a small close community there really is no room for negative vibes. Flyer may not be up your “Standards” how about being a professional and contacting Scott privately to discuss ways you could improve it. Not bashing some fellow riders time, effort and work that actually helped out.
    IMO I rather see this flyer done by a rider than some arrogant overpriced so called high end graphic designer who could give a shit about flatland.

  6. I have Friends that have attended VooDoo. They say it is on a whole diff level. This can be felt on videos. Why diss the flyer. DOM ROCKS! The Flyer pays respect and builds excitement! Dom won, Dom is the man to beat!! Im excited! Pay respect to the hard work of the Promoters, and the Riders! VOODOO!

  7. You guys rock! This event belongs to Flatland. Just a reminder to go register if your gonna compete. If not we got the pre jam for all the riders to chill and ride.
    Thanks for all the support.

  8. This is gonna be a good one! Can’t wait! I’m in New Orleans at the moment and It’s a dope city!! Big shout out to the Voodoo Jam crew who make flatland so legit!

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