Voodoo Jam 2019: The Scott O’Brien Interview

Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Fat Tony, Leo Furmansky and Red Bull.

It’s the Voodoo Jam this weekend in New Orleans. I caught up with the main man, Scott O’Brien for this exclusive interview. To talk all things Voodoo, sit down, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one.

Voodoo Jam is just round the corner Scott, what’s the plan?
It’s been 15 years since the first Voodoo Jam and the plan hasn’t changed much at all since then. Focus on a quality event and the riders experience. I believe the more simple we make things the better the event is. The riders are what Voodoo Jam is all about so I try to stay focused on that.
Other things surrounding Voodoo will be a Pre Jam on Friday and the after party. Both of these events are made for the Flatland BMX community to just come together and hang out as real humans not social media world we live in nowadays.

We will also throw a Best trick contest into the mix of the finals. I’m sorting out some details with that now and I’ll release those details soon.

Lot of meetings back and forth with Terry? What are you guys mostly discussing mostly?
Yes Terry and I meet often about Voodoo. We discuss everything that goes down with the event. He handles sponsorship, funding and media. So we go back and forth on that. I run the actual event along with a ton of other things. It’s a team effort for sure so we have to stay in contact all the time.

Who is sponsoring the event this year?
Red Bull, Raising Canes, Tiger Balm, Flatland Fuel, Profile, IGI, Heresy, TTM Lifestyle, Grind Legacy, Scuffington Post, Monolithic Eric, Hector Garcia with Neue Creative.

What’s the format this year?
It’s the same format I used 15 years ago. With two exceptions. Top 14 will go to the finals and top 4 of the finals will battle for podium spots. 3:00 runs of course. The final battle is 1:00 each Three Times. So each rider will go three times for 1:00 in the final battle.

For two years I believe we experimented with head to head and I didn’t think it was fair so we got away from that.
The way we do it has a great mixture of traditional with a jam style battle at the end.
I’m taking 14 to the finals because I just love for more riders to have opportunities.

Voodoo is a high energy contest, where does your inspiration come from for the format and feel of the event?
I’m always inspired by the riders themselves, living in New Orleans, music, traveling and of course I get a lot of inspiration when I ride.

If you had to give you three priorities for a Flatland event what they would be scott and why?

Secure a great location. Because location is everything.
Schedule is most important. Staying on a tight schedule allows everyone to enjoy the event and no sitting around. Time is valuable. Somethings happen and things run late at times. But you must keep a tight schedule.
Don’t force things. If it’s not gonna work don’t just throw it together. There needs to be quality in what you do. If you can’t find quality then it’s not worth doing. Flatland BMX deserves quality in its presentations.

Who you are psyched to see ride this year?
Sergio Balu for sure and the Thailand riders as well. But I honestly loved to see everyone. It’s an honor to be in the same room with all of these guys.

For all those that can’t make it, will there be a livestream?
Yes Hector Garcia will be interviewing riders and live streaming most of the day. It will be on Voodoo Jam Facebook page.

If you could give three places people should go and see in New Orleans, where would they be and why?
Do your research and visit local restaurants because the food is amazing here. Definitely walk the French Quarter area and check out the vibes on a Saturday or Sunday during the day.
Everyone says Bourbon Street but I say Frenchman Street at night hit up some local jazz music and enjoy that.
Uptown New Orleans is also amazing with beautiful homes and shopping on Magazine Street.
Um, that’s four haha.

For anyone sitting on the fence, cant decide. Should I go to Voodoo or not what would you say to them?
Well I don’t want to convince anyone to be honest. Just ask the riders that have come to Voodoo if they enjoyed it.
I always love to hear the first timers say, “Why haven’t I been coming to this”
It’s a Flatland BMX Party. Why wouldn’t you come ?
Besides, we never know when the last one will be.

Good luck for the event, Lot of people supporting the Voodoo jam Scott, any final shoutouts?
First off shout out to all the riders that travel to Voodoo Jam because they are the ones the contest is for and they are the ones that make it special. They have enriched my families life with an experience like no other. My kids have a better understanding of this world because of their experience with Voodoo. For that I will always be grateful to the riders of Voodoo.
Id like to thank my parents for being super rad humans, my family for all the support, Terry and Vanessa Adams and the entire group of people that support Voodoo.
Trophies Brian and Lil Robert.
My second in command Paulo.
Hector Garcia for his endless help and always sending me stuff on time.

4 thoughts on “Voodoo Jam 2019: The Scott O’Brien Interview

  1. Thanks Scott , Terry !! Like Scott stated……….a big bmx flatland party / gathering !! Rad times ! After going only twice , this being my third time………I too , am kicking myself to not have been going to EVERY single one since 2004 , haha. The experience being @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam is ………well , you just have to go just to see what all the hype is , and has always been about . Its like no other bmx event ! Phakphum Poosa Art , aka Toon and Akihiko Takahashi coming from as far away as Bangkok and Japan should give a hint as to how rad this event is !

  2. Jay , THE smooooooth rolling style combo , bmx campeon ……..annnnnnnnd ripping D.J. !! Que pa o , bruv ?! Was dope -times 7 , finally getting to meet / session with you @ Flatland Voodoo Jam 2017 , also . Ummmmm……..my whole trip is booked already, but…………I ll know by the end of today ,just if Im still going to be able to go , Jefe ! Hahaha……if I see you there …..I have a really funny story as to what my whack ass did yesterday to possibly cancel my trip , hahaha. It couldn’t have been a dumber thing to do on my part !! Im NOT the sharpest tool in the shed , if ya catch my drift , Hahahaha . Also ….THANKS for holding the bmx scene down in Florida …….home of some of the most rad bands AND bmxers !! Love ya , hermano !!

  3. Not only does Scott rule for creating , running the Flatland Voodoo Jam, but ………..he SLAAAAAAMMMMS hard as an original rider as well ! Upon arriving @ the hotel Thursday night . I had the pleasure / privilege of him showing me …..not gonna lie I practically bugged him to , for 10 minutes straight , haha , he showed me his personal video vault on his phone , of all his BRAKELESS and SWITCH brake combos that he filmed and been filming on his bike ! Were talking some serious original AND super technical links here . He HASNT even posted ANY on them to social media yet , haha. Like over 27 different combos ! Scott is a CYBORG on dat bike , son !! Scott RULES ! Speaking of ruling on a bike ……I wish you , Effraim ….. could of ALSO been there ,so I could of finally met and had a riding session wit ya , campeon

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