Voodoo Jam Flat Rhythms – September 7th

It’s going to be a busy week ahead in the world of BMX flatland. And here’s something a little bit different going down on the lead up to the Voodoo jam weekend, starting at 1003 Bourbon Street (the party district of New Orleans). The Red Bull team featuring Terry Adams, Matthias Dandois, Yohei Uchino, Viki Gomez, and Benjamin Hudson will be performing with the New Creations Brass Band on Thursday September 7th at 5pm. If you are in town early for the event, go check this out! Sure to be a good time on Bourbon Street.

One thought on “Voodoo Jam Flat Rhythms – September 7th

  1. This is gonna be awesome for the folks on the streets to watch, and perfect for promoting Voodoo and flat in general. Pretty sure Helltrack promo in Cochrane was the last bmx parade I remember seeing, so its about time someone brought the idea back.

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