Voodoo Pre Jam 2015 + Am/Pro Rider Groups announced!


The Voodoo pre jam kicks off today, Scott and the crew are holding a pre jam at Annunciation Center Square Park, which is a mile from the host hotel and the Generation Hall in New Orleans. Veteran and Novice classes go down later today + the rider groups have been announced for Am/Pro qualifying on Saturday, good luck to everyone competing! See below:

Voodoo Jam July 25th Schedule

Am Class Qualifiers
0900 Heat 1- David Walters, Larry Beard, Aydan Wren, Pinoski Montagne
0930 Heat 2- Alan Young, Chris Babin, Bradley Burnham, Martin Inda
10:00 Heat 3- Chris Anderson, Ed Jodie, Kelly Baldwin, Cesar Rangel,
10:30 Heat 4- Yu Shoji, Kira Komagata, Mai Nishikawa, Takeshi Matsunaga
11:00 Finals

Pro Class Qualifiers
12:00 Heat 1 – Romon Lopez Colon, William Perez , Clififi Alania, Isaiah Jordan
12:30 Heat 2 – Dax Wolford, Will Redd, Rodney Williams, Art Thomason
1:00 Heat 3 – Matthias Dandois, Takuji Izumi, Masashi Itani, Bryan Huffman
1:30 Heat 4 – Yohei Uchino, Bo Wade, Dez Marsaan, James McGraw
2:00 Heat 5 – Jason Plourde, Tyler Gilliard, Jean William Prevost, Takahiro Ikeda
2:30 Heat 6 – Todd Carter, Joe Cicman, John Yull, Ruben Castillo
3:00 Heat 7 – Omari Cato, Ahmed Johnson, Pakphum Poosa-art ” Toon”, Koit McEntire
3:30 Heat 8 – Varo Hernandez, Naoto Tamaru, Viki Gomez, Hiroki Uchiyama
5:00 Am Final Results – Pro Qualifier Results

Pro Practice Finals
5:00 – 6:00
6:00 Close
6:30 Open Doors Finals
7:00 Finals Start
9:00 Trophy Presentation
11:00 – TILL After Party

One thought on “Voodoo Pre Jam 2015 + Am/Pro Rider Groups announced!

  1. Good luck to all!

    Wish we could have made it down again this year! Will be keeping tabs via the live stream Saturday night (thanks Bobby Carter!!) and social media.

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