7 thoughts on “Vote for Flatland in the X Games!

  1. Flatland is currently at 92% while the other options are all at 3% or less. I’m thinking the ESPN crew is just going to assume that some flatland nerds hacked the results somehow…

  2. I just hope that, if flatland wins, they involve a variety of styles. Flatland is very nuanced and, without the danger factor for the pedestrian audience, “slight” differences often go unappreciated and hinder its appeal. And, like it or not, if you want to be in the x-games, you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Its a difficult balance, while I want dedicated folks to get the exposure to make a real living riding flat, it wont come without a cost. The committed deserve to earn their own cake, but getting it will involve diluting some of the expression.

  3. Personally, I’d like to see vert best trick. Nobody can touch Bestwick’s flow, but one banger, one death defying stunt! Maybe “The Canadian Beast” will come back and bust some 540 double tail whips, then go into the stands and rip everyone’s sleeves off! That would be some shit!

  4. There is no indication that this is an official survey with any weight, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, does anybody know for sure?

  5. I will vote just for humor but this polls has no weight whatsoever when it comes to ESPN executives and putting more money in their pockets. Its just not business smart.

  6. o0o00o it’s gonna cost them so much money to block off one flat area of 200×200 feet for flatland. they have to realize that the flatlanders need love after this poll, or they just straight salty ass people.

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