Wagwan BMX is launched!

BIG news today, two of the heaviest hitters in the japanese flatland scene and world scene have joined forces to start a new bike company called “Wagwan” which is a english slang term for “what’s going on?”. Enjoy the slick trailer and head over to @wagwan_bmx on instagram and give them a follow. I’m intrigued what the products will look like, a nice surprise to start the day!

7 thoughts on “Wagwan BMX is launched!

    • I spoke to the guys and asked hey you know this is London slang for whats going on. Yes we know, we love london culture was the reply I got. Interested to see where its going to, who will make products etc. Interview soon I hope…

  1. Wagwan, E?

    Love the fact you mentioned the slang term, as that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the name.

  2. Pretty hype news, but the hip-hop vibe cuddling with the ladies bit made me laugh. I guess the takeaway is J-pro flat riders don’t just have pimp skills, they are literally pimps swimming in the honeys back home. =P

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