Watch the Top 3 at BMX Cologne 2017 – Dominik Nekolny, Matthias Dandois & Masato Ito

BMX Cologne went off yesterday, Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny who took the win, you can check out his run and lookout for the last trick! Matthias Dandois jamming to Linkin’ Park lit up the crowd (his run is blocked world wide on YT, Kevin & Els did a lil’ mix over his run to get it published!) Matthias took second and the 2017 World Circuit title, and Masato Ito brought his powerful style and delivered a solid run to take the third place spot, you watch the runs right here! More runs and content to follow throughout the week, for no enjoy the top 3. Good times here in Cologne, meeting the flatland family once again, stay tuned for updates.

Video credit: Matti Hemmings.

8 thoughts on “Watch the Top 3 at BMX Cologne 2017 – Dominik Nekolny, Matthias Dandois & Masato Ito

  1. Thank you for the run coverage E! You were right Dom’s last combo, holy shit balls he continues like Justin Miller I think. Hammers! Ito’s run was really cool to see, happy to see hium on the podium! Catch up interviews soon please init E!!!

    • Literally said that a dozen times yesterday Stephan! The last line was so amazing to see in a run, Dom does it the hard way and yesterday it paid off for him.

    • That was a great moment when Matthias rode on the floor and the beat dropped, the crowd…. Matthias points to the sky, heartfelt experience. And well done Kevin, I was denied by the copyright…

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