Watch the Top 3 from the 2017 iBMXff World Championships!

Watch the top 3 from the 2017 iBMXff World Championships, Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin both threw down flawless runs in the Somerset sunshine at the Nass Festival, followed in third by Dominik Nekolny! Congratulations once again to Matthias, Alex and Dom, really good weekend!

8 thoughts on “Watch the Top 3 from the 2017 iBMXff World Championships!

  1. Thanks again Todd, I was filming from a speaker but the base got too much and the screen started distorting so resorted to the stands for group 2. Worked out well in the end….

  2. Backwards backpacker on that platform by Dom is insane. I imagine that is why he kept messing it up. Being nervous about that edge.

    • @Obscure – Yes that is possible and would make complete sense. It is only a 10 m by 10 m stage, so pretty scary backwards backpacker close to the edge…

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