We the People back in the Flatland Market!

Dave over at The Merged kindly drew my attention to this exciting news. WTP are back in the flatland market by the looks of things with this Utopia frame plus bars, hit the link for all the juice!


10 thoughts on “We the People back in the Flatland Market!

    • I think most frames are going down that route Lee, just what’s selling in the frame market. There are less and less flat specific frames now then say 10 years ago…

  1. not digging it, flatland frames are losing there look that seemed to be a one of the unique aspects of riding flatland.

    its seems more Big company’s are trying to get in on this “all in one “design.\

    what’s going to be the consequences on the flat specific market?

    • Good question Locky. The flat market could disappear completely if trends continue the way they are. Less and less parts are flatland specific anymore, the whole cycle has come full circle.
      I see riders on 21 inch tts now, street riders using freecoasters, flat riders using street bars. Really the only parts that are flat exclusive are tyres, pegs, seat posts maybe, stems and that’s about it off top of my head of course you have length of cranks too for flat. Is that enough for an industry with amount of companies out there?

  2. Time to stock up on frames. Haha

    I like seeing creative frames. After all i was drawn from dirt back to flat due to its creativity being unlimited.

    These guys are just dropping a same same frame trying to please everyone just enough to get some sales.
    It could be a good thing that these companies are showing interested in flatland again. But it looks “half hearted” a bit.

    If these larger companies started doing flat parts it might deter the smaller guys doing unique and innovative things to give it in. Unable to compete economically.

    This frame definately doesnt have a “wow” about it.

  3. I just wonder where I’ll get my next set of stainless steel bar ends from… Got no respect for Wethepeople since they bailed on flatland.

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