Website designer wanted for Groundtactics season 2!

Ground Tactics season 2. Help needed!!! After a successful first season of Ground Tactics I have started to plan for the 2nd one. And obviously as the project is about progression I want to progress the whole thing. Right now the situation is that I am not able to hire a web designer to re design the website. It costs way too much for my budgets and that is where I need your help. I am calling out for a rider who would be kind enough to help out designing the new layout for Ground Tactics season 2. Without a fee… Yes, I know it is a big favour to ask, but it is better ask than regret not to ask as this is the situation at the moment. If you feel like helping out please contact me via my facebook.

Much appreciated.Thank you!

One thought on “Website designer wanted for Groundtactics season 2!

  1. Paul Newkirk has talked to me and I am your man I am a up and coming graphic designer just looking to get my name out in the world of web design and this sounds like a great deal for the both of us. You can contact me at

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