Weekend sesh at green mile

This weekend just gone, I went to the green mile on the Saturday, was an awesome day, real community vibe, did some filming, had few solo sessions, had sessions with Trev and mario, and at end of day we had big session pushing trev and mario to pull brakeless decades, and mega spin to decade respectively. There was a moment where notthing else mattered, this is what flats about, you could see the enjoyment. This is flatland. I took a few pics of some tgm locals I wanted to give props to.

Steve Green is a rolling jedi, one footed no handed messiah.

Rasta Dave aka the security guard, monitoring “his” area with freshly learnt cliffhangers.

Mario in the midst of spinning lawn, new tgm sessions vid coming soon…

6 thoughts on “Weekend sesh at green mile

  1. Keep at it boys, next time im up there, brap it son!!
    Great day, as I said, for me there are moments like that, when everyone is sessioning and god forbid smiling, where you think, yeah this is flatland. This is why I do this.

  2. i really gotta get down to the green mile one weekend when the sun is shining!! 🙂 looks like it was a great sesh!!


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